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The Quantum Mind: Revolutionary Insight or Far-fetched Theory?

The Quantum Mind: Revolutionary Insight or Far-fetched Theory?
The Quantum Mind: Revolutionary Insight...
The notion of a 'Quantum Mind' has sparked much debate in the scientific community. Is it a revolutionary ...
March 08, 2023
How Might Quantum Mechanics Explain Consciousness?
How Might Quantum Mechanics Explain Con...
Could quantum mechanics hold the answer to the age-old question of what consciousness truly is? In this episode, w...
February 09, 2023
Does Quantum Entanglement Illuminate the Mysteries of Consciousness?
Does Quantum Entanglement Illuminate th...
Quantum entanglement—one of the spookiest phenomena in quantum mechanics—might have implications for our under...
January 09, 2023


Efficient and simple – great support
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I want to give a shoutout to the developer. I emailed him directly and heard back fairly quickly. He updated the plugin and the next day, everything was working the way it was before.

The change from Anchor to Spotify Podcast was tough to navigate, I am sure, but Jesse did his best to make sure we could continue using the plugin.

As far as setting the plugin up, it is super simple. You simply need your podcast URL and RSS feed, insert the shortcode, and you are on you way! Nothing complicated at all.
Clean and simple!
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Great work for bringing us this plug-in! I appreciate the work.
Super helpful
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This is great — simple and does what it says on the tin.
cesvald@ cesvald
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It is a very versatile and simple to use plugin that meets all the requirements for a good rss feed.