Anchor Episodes Index – More Information

Anchor Episodes Index – More Information

If you’re an podcast owner with a WordPress website, you’ve likely encountered a limitation: the embed code from only shows your most recent episode. Your listeners are left with no choice to select or navigate through older podcast episodes from your site. This is where the Anchor Episodes Index Plugin comes to the rescue. This plugin enriches the podcasting experience for your users, by providing a comprehensive episode index on your WordPress site.

The Issue with the Standard Embed

The standard embed provided by offers a limited experience. It serves as a small window, or an “iframe,” that directs the user to a third-party site. This setup only displays your latest episode, restricting users from exploring your older episodes and potentially leading to a loss in listenership for your previous content.

Introducing the Anchor Episodes Index Plugin

Our Anchor Episodes Index Plugin is a WordPress plugin designed to overcome this limitation. The free version offers an appended episodes index to the embed player, already a significant enhancement to the listener’s experience. However, the Pro version takes it a step further by rebuilding the player on your site, unlocking an array of superior features and control.

Why Go Pro?

The Pro version of the Anchor Episodes Index Plugin provides an autonomous, fully-functional player that runs directly on your site instead of relying on an iframe embed. Here’s what sets the Pro version apart:

  1. Autoplay: Selecting an episode on the Pro player automatically triggers it to play. This feature isn’t possible with the standard embedded method in the free version.
  2. Faster Loading: The player loads faster on your site, leading to an improved user experience.
  3. Customization: Choose between a dark theme or a highlight color of your choice using a color picker.
  4. Responsive Play Button: The play button on episodes toggles between pause and play icons depending on the player’s status.
  5. Customizable Episodes Display: Choose to show your episodes with or without a scrollbar, giving you the freedom to opt for a condensed player or a full-length player.
  6. Optimized Page Load: You can choose to use the same image for every episode, which speeds up your page load time.
  7. CSS Targetable Elements: All player elements are now targetable with CSS for custom styling.
  8. Load More Button: An optional ‘load more’ button for episodes is coming soon. This will allow for faster page loading.
  9. Fast support
  10. Feature requests will be considered

By rebuilding the player on your site, you gain complete control over your podcast’s presentation and user experience. Download the free version here, or upgrade to the Pro version using the purchase button at the top of this page.

We’ve crafted the Anchor Episodes Index Plugin with a focus on enhancing your podcasting journey. Its customizability and user-centric design allow you to offer a seamless podcasting experience to your listeners. Don’t just podcast—podcast better.

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Pro version