Anchor Episodes Index Pro

Anchor Episodes Index is for podcast owners who have their own WordPress websites that they want to display their podcast on. Because the embed code that offers only includes the latest episode, and does not allow the user to select older podcast episodes, there is a need for a plugin such as this one.
What’s the difference between the free version and the pro version you ask? Well, the free version only appends an episodes index to the embed player which is very limiting, while the pro version rebuilds the player on your site, giving us the advantages mentioned below.

Instead of being an embed (a window or “iframe” to a 3rd party site), Anchor Episodes Index Pro completely rebuilds the player on your site. There are many advantages to this approach. Some being:

  • The player has been completely rebuilt and runs on your own site instead of an iframe embed on
  • When an episode is selected, it is autoplayed, something which is not possible with the embedded method in the free version
  • Faster player loading
  • Dark theme
  • Colour picker for highlight colours
  • Optional load more button for episodes – makes for faster loading of the page
  • Play button on episodes switches between pause and play icon depending on if the player is playing/paused
  • Option to show episodes with or without a scrollbar. Allows you to show a condensed player or a full length player
  • Option to use the same image for every episode – speeds up page load
  • All elements now targetable with CSS

There are more plugins coming down the pipeline also, so keep an eye on this space!